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"The journey through divorce is unique for each person, but we cannot heal alone." - Nick Meima
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Rebuilders: The #1 Divorce Support Program in the World!

The Rebuilders Seminar program first started in the 1980s by Bruce Fisher. He was a therapist that specialized in divorce. He started to see patterns in his clients. He started a support group to help more people. As it grew he refined the process more and more. Then he wrote a book and created a formal 10-week program that was designed to help people through the confusion, hurt, and isolation.

In 1997 Bruce Fisher passed away from Cancer but he left a legacy and a structure that we use today. Over the years, the program, the book, and how the material is delivered has been revised based on the needs of our students and the new research.

Since Bruce Fisher first developed the program, millions of people have Rebuilt their life using his program. Thousands have taken the 10-week Rebuilding Seminar. The program works, the material is proven to help people move through even the most difficult situations.
Meet Your Hosts
Nick Meima - Divorce Coach
Nick first went through divorce over 20 years ago. After his divorce he went through the Rebuilders program and got so much out of it he got trained in how to run the classes. For the last 8 years Nick has led online classes for hundreds of students. He also does individual coaching with students.

Nick's background in traditional therapy as well as innovative coaching methods are all centered around making a dramatic, rapid improvement in people going through one of the most difficult times in their lives. 

Since Nick first started teaching the program he has introduced a number of elements that has revolutionized the program and made it the best divorce support program in the United States. 
Kevin Van Liere - Divorce Coach
Kevin's divorce in 2017 was devastating but he learned new tools, information, and more about himself through Rebuilders. In a matter of weeks he went from being extremely angry, sad, and barely getting by to feeling peaceful and excited for his future.

Kevin is a certified Life Coach and has gone through a rigorous 2 year Divorce Coaching program. He is a group facilitator, private divorce coach, and author of "The Rebuild".

Anne Marsh - Divorce Coach
In June of 2018 her 29-year relationship, 25-year marriage, ended abruptly and unexpectedly. She was beside herself with grief, anger and resentment. Within a month, with the Rebuilder’s book in hand and on audio, she started attending Nick Meima’s week 10 Rebuilder’s Workshop online. Those 10 weeks changed her life and opened her eyes to a new possibility.

Although her role with Rebuilder’s International is as a coach, facilitator and teacher, she is a licensed mental health professional with an advanced degree and training.

Under grad in Social Work-BSW
Master’s degree in social work-MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker-LCSW
Over 30 years’ experience working with individual, families and groups in therapy
Graduate of Rebuilders

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