How to Let Go and Move On
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What You Will Learn In This LIVE Class
The proven process for letting go so that you can move on. 
How to significantly reduce the anger and sadness so you can sleep well, be present, and focus.
How a subtle shift in your thinking gives you calm, peace and energy so you can move forward.
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Listen to Jewel's Experience in the course. She completed the program on May 23, 2021

Meet Your Hosts
Nick Meima - Divorce Coach
Nick first went through divorce over 20 years ago. After his divorce he went through the Rebuilders program and got so much out of it he got trained in how to run the classes. For the last 8 years Nick has led online classes for hundreds of students. He also does individual coaching with students.
Nick's background in traditional therapy as well as innovative coaching methods are all centered around making a dramatic, rapid improvement in people going through one of the most difficult times in their lives.
Since Nick first started teaching the program he has introduced a number of elements that has revolutionized the program and made it the best divorce support program in the United States. 
Kevin Van Liere - Divorce Coach
My divorce was devastating to me but I learned the secrets to letting go and building a new life. In a matter of weeks I went from being extremely angry, sad, and barely getting by to feeling peaceful and excited for my future.

These secrets were previously only available to an elite few. Now we are making this amazing course available to you. 
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